06 March 2011

Heinz Bean? Haz Been!

Some time ago I switched my baked bean selection from Heinz to Branston - the latter was new on the market and cheaper .  Having noticed that Which? now give the Branston a "best buy" rating I thought a blind tasting is in order - because up until now Heinz has been the 'gold' standard.

I attempted to use the same methods at work - but as the beans were of very different colour - and I did not have a red light I was forced to make the test the carefully heated samples with my eyes shut - messy!

Well the Branston was clearly more tangy and more tasty all over - normally this is done by adding more stuff like salt and sugar but, no, the labels say these are pretty similar between the two...

The Heinz is 15% things that are not "beans + tomatoes" and contains "spice extract" and "herb extract"

The Branston is 10% not "beans + tomatoes" and contains onion powder, paprika, white pepper, flavouring and spices.


So as far as I am concerned no longer does "Beanz Meanz Heinz"

Perhaps there are better things to do with a Sunday evening BUT in my case the alternative is 4 years of pending DIY

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