21 March 2011

Best laid...

...plans.  I was all ready for the big challenge - drive my little SAAB up to Turner's Garage* for MOT and service and then walk back all the way on canal towpaths - just about 25 miles but no worries as most of the route passes through the second largest conurbation in the country - so shelter, transport, food and water would be available subject to a few metres of detour.

I even made a special map....

Sadly I awoke with a septic toe  - so emergency trip to chiropodists - an unlooked for advantage of being in the second largest conurbation is that there are 10 within a couple of miles of home.  I hopped over to the nearest and was  seen within the hour - no sign of the thorn - so either it is out (good) or buried (bad).  If the swelling is not down by Wednesday then it is "lance and drain".

Only one train per hour but there is a very nice chip shop on the high street (Olympic Fish Bar)

The results being was I had to travel back from Wheaton Aston by public transport - and despite all the cuts it is still very practical - I had a choice of several routes - the simplest being bus from outside the garage to Penkridge and then two trains back and then 1km of hobbling to home - all in under two hours (it took me an hour to drive).  No delays - bus left on time to the second as did both trains.  If you fancy giving up the the car I can strongly recommend...

* "Wheaton Aston village provides the boating visitor with a range of facilities including a garage with boat chandlery adjacent to the canal that has a reputation of supplying 'red' at the most competitive price in the area, a newsagents, post office, small Spar supermarket (Cash Point), hairdressers, dentist and two public houses - The Hartley Arms being right next to the 48 hour visitor moorings by Tavern Bridge (19), together with a Church and a Chapel."

Red = Red Diesel Most canal boats have two tanks - one for propulsion (taxed diesel) and one for heating (tax free).

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