27 May 2005

Bury Ditches - All controls are out (8.00pm, Friday 27th May)

What me!? In a locked forest, where I have both keys, and its 9.00pm and I have checked there is no one else on the road... oooh I sayyyy!

26 May 2005

The cat is called "Schumacher" - found as a kitten by the side of the A49 and adopted by the restaurant - Martin and Simon say "Uncle David - you need a cat!"

Control 139 is a platform - Nice beech woodland at Bury Ditches

25 May 2005

Darth Vader and Friends make sure that the message strikes home. (Start Wars @ Birmingham Great Park) . Part 3 seemed to go down very well with the "10 year old boy" target market - although there was a mad dash to the gents when it was over and lots of complaining about film length and bladder capacity...

18 May 2005

Joce & Tammy - impulse buying at the BBC Good Homes Exhibition (a sad and broken relic of its former glory) - the bloke selling bottle openers was a really very good salesman - a priviledge to watch him in action - we were just wandering past with no interest in opening bottles of wine, we all own a more than sufficient number of adequate bottle openers - but somehow we were persuade to stop and listen and then happily part with cash... astounding

Early in the morning - no one in the carpark - the route up to Corn Du

On the left is Duwynt 824m (no 2 Brecon Group on the Moss List). Not much of a peak but impressive views over the whole of the Beacons and Fforest Fawr. In the centre - Corn Du

The "west summit" cairn on y Gyrn 619m (Moss list Brecon 1) with Corn Du and Pen Y Fan. Y Gyrn is not the most peaky of peaks - but there is an impressive tarn and cotton grass bog.

The second "summit cairn" on y Gyrn 619m - take your pick!

This is Fan Llia (No 13 on the Moss List) looking toward Fan Nedd. The summit cairn is not quite on the highest point - but you are only talkimng centimetres. Several folks have dissed Fan Llia but I say 'respect' - nice views in all directions and a pleasant walk if you take in the forest to the South and Fan Nedd to the west. There is a massive standing stone (Maen Llia) in the valley between Llia and Nedd and Sarn Helen - a Roman road open, it seems, to motorised traffic.

This is Fan Nedd 663m (no 12 on the Fforest Fawr section of the Moss List). Quite a pleasant climb on a sunny spring day - in the distance are Fan Gyhirych and Fan Brycheiniog

Looking west to Cefyn yr Ystrad 617m summit and on to Pen Y fan and Corn Du. The route to this summit passes through an impressive limestone quarry - much used by those of the "lets... off road!" fraternity - if only they knew what real off road was, anyway the nearest village Trefil has a strange "edge of civilisation" feel - not unlike Titterstone Clee in Shropshire - both being seen-better-days quarrying settlements. Trefil was the northern most point of Aneurin Bevan's constituency and much visted by him for walking

Summit of Cefyn Yr Ystrad 617m (No 14 Moss List) looking back towards Garn felyn and Carn y Bugail - rather impressive cairns.

14 May 2005

This is point 16 on the Moss List for the Carneddau: Craig Eigiau

Number 17 on the Moss List - does not get its own name.. "Point South of Craig Eigiau" It was very windy!

Looking back to numbers 25 and 26 on the Moss List - the two little bumps in the middle of the picture one is called : Craiglwyn
and the other is "point South of Cregiau Gleision)

Pen Llithrig y Wrach - number 21 on the Moss List

One of the Creigiau Gleision tops with Foel Fras and Drum on the skyline

Pen Llithrig y Wrach - number 21 on the Moss list

From Summit 22 ( Creigiau Gleision N Top
) looking toward Tryfan and over Llyn Cowlyd

Summit 22 on the Moss List - Creigiau Gleision N Top

Creigiau Gleision (summits 22, 23, 24 on the Moss List)

Looking South West toward Cwm Eigau - Pen Llithrig y Wraith at the head of the valley