29 November 2010

Snow Chaos in Poland

The Poles change over to Winter tyres - problem is that they still drive like it is summer - first snow of the season - three accidents seen on the way to work plus several near misses...  The best bit was someone impatient decided to overtake the snow plough!

Prang #1

In a full blizzard we picked up a man who was walking to the motorway junction (10km) - he had been to Olawa for his sister and brothers funeral - killed in a road smash, his step dad would not lend him the money to get to where his new job was starting - so he was walking and hitching 200km... in a full blizzard

5 seconds later this rear wheel drive BMW lost it and span, recovered and  - one minute later it started to swerve as the driver leant over to grab a bag from the back seat, extract a phone and answer a call - at all at 60kph

prang #2

The factory

20 November 2010

There is a ginger cat in my tree

ahhh... Ginger had noticed that the little birdies use the tree as a staging post...

11 November 2010

The Marathon is over...

For the past six months my home away from home has been Hotel Jakub Sobieski in Olawa, Poland.  I had to work a Polish bank holiday and after a hard 14 hours in the factory I think I deserved a wee drinkie or two...

From left to right...

Vodka Bols, Advocaat (yuuuk!!!!), Chivas Regal 18 y/o (nothing special),
Żubrówka and Wodka Żołądkowa gorzka (very nice)
The ladies working the night shift (the hotel only employs female staff) found this most entertaining... after drink #5 "are you sure you are alright???"

This completes my marathon attempt to drink the entire hotel bar (excluding beer and wine that is).  For my records only...

1 Metaxa
2 Camus VS
3 Chivas 12
4 Grants
5 Grants 12
6 Grants 18
7 Ballantine Finest
8 Ballantines 12
9 Ballantines 17
10 Jim Beam
11 Jack Daniels
12 Johnnie Walker Black Label
13 Hennessey
14 Seagrams Gin
15 Glenfiddich 12
16 Glenfiddich 15
17 Glenfiddich 18
18 Wyborova
19 Camus Josephine
20 Johnnie Walker Red Label
21 Baileys Original
22 Baileys Caramel
23 Bacardi Rum
24 Baileys Coffee
25 Jagermeister
26 Peppermint Bols
27 Vodka Palace
28 Campari
29 Blue Bols
30 Pacos Ron
31 Malibu
32 Sierra Tequila
33 Triple Sec
34 Dondiego Tequila
35 Paseoa
36 Smirnoff Red
37 Bols Vodka – Vanilla
38 Bols – Red Orange
39 Finlandia Vodka
40 Bols Vodka – Cinnamon
41 Bols Vodka – Lemon
42 Bols Vodka – Cranberry
43 Bols Vodka – Plain
44 Advocaat
45 Zubrowka
46 Żołądkowa gorzka
47 Absolut Vodka
48 Martell
49 Chivas 18
50 Jameson


07 November 2010

And so to the New Forest

It's Joce's birthday and I have been to Selfridges...

(Joce went to see Strictly - advice is - arrive very early as it is first come, first served and there are more tickets issued than seats)