29 November 2008

I finally finished my LED headlamp - 12 Watt, 650 Lumens, 115m throw

The bits came from:http://www.led-tech.de who were very helpful and http://www.taskled.com/ who supplied the current regulator - which is excellent and easy to use (5 light levels, thermal protection, one click high/low beam selection, low voltage warning and cutoff - which saves your battery pack)

I did a little video - Nick Barrable took the time to tell me it is boring - but it does show how bright the LED is compared with the best 1990's halogen technology. It is less boring if you have the sound turned ON and UP - otherwise it won't make sense at all...

19 November 2008

Waiting for my lift to site I saw this knife on the ground... strange...

The 5 minutes later I noticed a complete windscreen a few metres away

And eventually I realised that the car I was standing next to was entirely-sans-windscreen

It was very early in the morning - that is my excuse for poor observation skills

Wroclaw Trip - w/c 17th November

Above - Sofitel, Wroclaw - 80 Zloty total - just the soup was 27 Zloty
Below - Student Cafe - 17 Zloty Total - and I preferred it!

So here is where I will be eating in future...

13 November 2008

Sebastian comes to Birmingham...

Must be the only Pole who had never visted UK before

Sebastian recommends "Stomach Mint Vodka" - David says "Yes it goes down vry nicely indeed - not as nice with apple juice as Żubrówka but a close second. The with-apple-juice drink being known in Polish as tatanka or szarlotka - one of which means "apple pie".
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09 November 2008

Above - how I did Bagworth
Below - what Bagworth did to me - I can see why city centre and park orienteering is becoming more popular
We need a good old fashioned winter to knock the brambles back

06 November 2008

01 November 2008

Chef at work says Martin can come and do work experience any time at all...