26 December 2004

Passing on the baton to the next generation... though Chemistry is a whole lot less fun now that the every chemical in the set is plastered with "cry wolf" hazard labels and the riskiest reagent supplied is less dangerous than any household cleaning product you care to mention.

17 December 2004

25 November 2004

Tony Spencer and the Little Leak.. full transcript available on request

Big golf day out - don't worry the geese on the fairway are in no danger at all

24 November 2004

A Storyteller in Marrakesh (Djemâa el Fna)
I travelled with Pettitts - visit their site and order a brochure - a work of art. I like Pettitts because wheh I asked "which day does the tour start" and the reply was "which day would you like it to start?"

Morning on the dunes 1 - Merzouga, Morocco

Morning on the dunes 2 - mouse tracks

Morning on the Dunes 3

View from my bedroom window - Skoura, Morocco

17th Century Kasbah - when the staff go home, the power goes off, and you get the the whole castle to yourself... spooky!

View from riad rooftop, Fez

Breakfast in Fez

Morocco - View from my bedroom door - Fez

30 October 2004

Manchester 25th October - Delta 65 to Atlanta

Catering on Delta 65 Manchester -> Atlanta (compare with Lufthansa BHX to FRA)

Rush Hour at Atlanta

Trip to Cape Canaveral - ...hmmm, must be getting close

Big - Very big indeed (Business end of Saturn V)

Orange County Convention Centre - Rockwell Automation 2004

Orlando - Orange County Convention Centre
Automation Fair 2004 - There were lots of PowerPoints...

Radio 4 on Microsoft PowerPoint and the Decline of Civilisation (Real Audio):


Automation Fair... new stuff for RSLogix5000

Setting out for Disney World for the night - They took us to a disco - 255 male automation engineers and 3 women

Disney World, Orlando - A.K.A. 7th Circle of Hell

Rockwell Automation Fair 2004 - Feeding of the 14,000!