29 April 2007

25 April 2007

Super Cat!
He sits here every morning - watching all the
birds and passers-by
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24 April 2007

From my walk to work through central Birmingham
Cuckoo Flower/Ladys Smock
(Cardamine pratensis)
Family: Mustard (Brassicaceae)
• Habitat: swamps, wet woods, wet fields
• Height: 8-20 inches
• Flower size: 1/2 inch across
• Flower color: pale pink or white
• Flowering time: April to June
• Origin: native
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19 April 2007

Cresent moon and planet (Jupiter?) from
Empire Cinema, Birmingham Great park

I can't remember the film -but I do remember this show
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07 April 2007

Reading V Liverpool - That Gerrard is impressive and so
was the singing from the away supporters
Reading need to get some better tunes!
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05 April 2007

Radio Orienteering - The ARDF Handbook

You can by my book on Amazon...
Click here to order,
though you will probably get it quicker from the RSGB... here

04 April 2007

Milton Keynes - or is it "Any city you happen to think of on the east coast of the USA"
MK does not feel like England at all - is just "generic-modern"

"We are just good friends"

01 April 2007

Welcome to Albania
(how many bunkers can you count in this photo - scroll down
to check your score)

My hotel in Tirane

Driver and Guide

Mother Theresa Airport
Where everyone on my flight seemed to have British Passports
(though not all these document passed the several security inspections and certain 'British' travellers looked like they had never been near an escalator, airport, plane before let alone the UK!)

I can count 52 bunkers in this shot - I am informed that
there are probably MORE!