18 February 2008


A stick bank... new IOF symbol required please

Uffmoor - planning for the WEE Night Event on 6th March (the most memorable part of which was the screams from the 3 BUOC girlies echoing back to the start...
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05 February 2008

04 February 2008

Business Class with Air Dolomiti...
Service was excellent.
A very nice cold vanilla custard followed by
a lethal little "fried ball of dough with sweet sauce inside it"
apparently a Lombardy festival food - nice, but I forgot the name

I was only on this plane because Lufthansa cancelled the flight I was meant to be on.
They couldn't get the fuel in - the automatic valve would not open and the software engineer couldn't fix it
I did volunteer assistance - because valves and software is "what I do..."
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03 February 2008

Democracy Cuban Style!

At last a Cuba Libre in CUBA (Hotel Inglaterra)

Regime change a specialty...
day after I left Fidel resigned as president (after 47 years or so)

Just enough CUC for a Mojito

well not quite 50

My first ever royalty check - £49.16, its for the ARDF Book:

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02 February 2008