24 April 2008

Ali came to Highgate Common SEE

What was this doing in Bournville Lane? Guaranteed Express - Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine!

22 April 2008

A nice pudding at the railway station - shame I did not write down what the wine was (Muscadet?)

Unfortunate lighting in the hotel bathroom - the shape of things to come?

20 April 2008

This is an un-touched photo of some mad flowers at Beechcroft Nursery
(annual pilgrimage 2008 - they are a proper nursery - grow a lot of their own stuff - really good quality)
I forgot the name of the flowers - I will have to go back and check (I think it began with 'S')
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Clent Hills - cold, wet, windy - April 20th!
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16 April 2008

The Scarlet Pimpernel in Bournville

I was just putting out the recycling when this 'white van' pulled up

and then suddenly the sides popped open

and there was an authentic French delicatessen right on my doorstep.

Completely unexpected and completely surreal - and I am thinking

... Deja Vu....

Of course....

...it is a scene from "The Fifth Element" which of had a French Director, French Production Design and, of course, all the clothes were by Jean-Paul Gaultier. In this case the noodle bar came to Bruce Willis' window - rather than the end of the drive - but you get the point.

"The Scarlet Pimpernel" delicatessen comes to Bournville on Wednesday evenings - you can contact Cydric on 0791 239 1421 to arrange a visit.

12 April 2008

Now that's what I call a method statement!
(OK - its for helping little one's with potty training)

09 April 2008

Rockwell NL - they share with an office furniture company called "Topdeq" - which in English only means "Shandy"

SC Johnson - just like in Frimley - fountains, parkland, ducks and geese - but no Kirstie this time

01 April 2008

Harlequins are 40... oh and Robert V sent out a list asking for menu choice and preferred seating partner... I said "well that would be Kylie then..."