30 December 2009

Another year - another trip to Wagamama

Superdry Coat - too fashionable to take off...

until it got too hot

Still not sure about the green bits

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29 December 2009

Gibraltar (Accidents of History Tour 1989-2009)

Marbella - in the winter

First view of the Rock (we were diverted to Malaga)

I ran (nearly) all the way up - 32 minutes from sea to summit at O'Hara's Battery

The peninsula is FULL of unsold Toyotas - all white, all about 6 months old - very sad.

My hotel - the Eliot

Cadbury Delivery man - we had a little chat

12:30 - 22 degrees, sunny T-shirt weather...

20:30 - 0 degrees and snow!

The album is here

19 December 2009

It was a fix!

Once more to the Harlequins Club Champs - and as usual there was the raffle in aid of the air ambulance...

and for the fifth or sixth year running - I got the Russ's Walnut and Onion Xmas Bread - this year my ticket was the first drawn - to cries of "fix!"

The disclaimer says:

Contains NUTS
Produced in non-certified premises
Nuts foraged locally :- may contain harmful fungi, bacteria and virus
Producer does not have a food hygiene certificate

(It was very nice - toasted with some crumbly Lancashire cheese and a bit of Branston)

11 December 2009

Bye-Bye Old Car - Hello New

 They put my SAAB 93 in the pound with all the "scrappage scheme" cars and then they wheeled out this...