30 October 2009

Bournville - Autumn

A heron waiting by the brook - we do get trout but only when the Frankley Reservoir over-tops - so far in the factory grounds I have seen - Kingfishers, Herons, Grebes, Greylag Goose, Buzzards, Sparrowhawk and what appeared to be a common tern - and all within 3 miles of the centre of Birmingham

Birdcage Walk, Cadbury Factory

It was sold to me as a Polish issue military parka - but I don't think so!

24 October 2009

11 October 2009

Chester City Race

As I ran past the control (above) the delicious smell of pasties wafted up from the street below...

This is where Kevin and I used to eat our Cousins Pasties (1976 to 1980)
Sadly Cousins are no more - but there is a pasty shop opposite - a choice of 15 different types of pasty - compared with the '70s - choice being hot or cold

Where did all the trendy restaurants and posh fast food shops come from? - In 100m I counted 20 places to eat - ranging from sushi through smoothies to a Brazilian Churrascaria. All we had was Quaintways and the...

where I think Joce had a part time job

10 October 2009

An Iranian shop has opened in Selly Oak - sadly I can't see how it can survive - there just won't be enough footfall
The owner is putting in a lot of effort - and he seemed really pleased that an "English" was showing interest in Persian/Iranian culture and products.

The little dried figs came with a story - they are grown in desert areas - where it might rain only two or three times a year. Following a good rain storm the figs flower and set fruit - the farmer then waits until the desert wind and sun dessicate the plant and then shakes the tree - catching the figs on blankets as they fall to the ground. Very scrummy and flavoursome - I will buy more.

I can also recommend lavash bread, saffron candy sticks (for tea) and lemon & salt coated pistachio nuts.