27 December 2005

26 December 2005

25 December 2005

Xmas afternoon - just in time for "The Queen" - at Dad's home

I shared my xmas lunch (sausages and bread I am afraid) with this cheeky little robin - A34, Tidbury services

24 December 2005

"What do you want to eat - Indian? Mexican? Chinese? Japanese?"
"No uggh!" (pulls face)
"Have you ever eaten Japanese food?"
"No it is awful!" (face pull gets more extreme)
"How about noodles?"
so we went to Wagamama - Matthew is still not quite sure about it - the food looks a bit strange...

Chopsticks: "I liked the ones I actually used the best - because they actually helped you"

Everything but the greens "I have tried salad before - it is not that nice"

Success - Almost!: Matthew says "Wagamama's? That was excellent that place was, it was really good"