21 September 2005

Team Bonding @ Bill's Favourite - the Balti Hut - I had PODINAH -"Tender sliced marinated lamb cooked with fresh mint, yoghurt & cocktail sauce. A very aromatic and tasty dish"

20 September 2005

Chez Ed: Not so much a conservatory more a second home... unfortunately there isn't a 45 deg. or 30 deg. angle anywhere in the design - those roof fittings are going to cost!!!!

16 September 2005

Dinner @ Ryebank Close - Phil had been to Uzbekistan... perhaps that saffron was not such a bargain after all... the rest was very nice though.. thanks Anke!

15 September 2005

The BRITISH TEAM at Region 1 ARDF Championships in Serbia (As team manager I got to have drinkies with the dignatories- including the (?now disgraced?) Defence Minister of Serbia and Montenegro.

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