06 March 2011

30 Sundial Lane (not!)

A new orienteering area in Birmingham - Queslett - it is a reclaimed tip - but great fun for a "medium" course - after the race I thought - is this not close to the house where my Dad was born...

This is the wrong house

So I type "30 Sundial Lane, Birmingham" into the Garmin - and yes, about a kilometre away - so I drive over, take the photo and call my Dad - but not in

On my return to home I make another call "no it is 57 Sundial Lane - first on the left off Queslett Road" - there is always Google street view however...

Is this #57?

Problem is 51, 53, 55, and 57 all show the same house - but Dad says "it was first on the left" - the above is currently in this position but there is a new shop next to it - so perhaps not.

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