27 April 2010

Black SAABath has some new fans...


Trouble is the little darlings are now concerned that I am poor - as I have such an old car...

26 April 2010

Winchester Cathedral

My first visit in 40 years... and they still have not got the organ working properly...

I did remember the story of the "Winchester Diver" (William Walker) - the pool in the picture is natural spring water flowing at its natural level through the lower levels of the cathedral (it's a Gormley)

22 April 2010


Lots of folks were stranded by ash from Eyjafjallajoekull - the company sent a bus out from the UK to bring us home...

I checked the proposed timings with my Polish taxi driver - and decided to risk a dash to the airport instead...  there was a gap in the clouds and we were away!

10 April 2010



I have walked past this 100 times - and never thought you could go in - sort of assumed it was locked up except for civic functions.  This time the door was ajar...

A look at the records book tells the story...

4 entries cover 1951 to 1999 (Suez, Malaya, Korean War, Cyprus, Falklands, Northern Ireland, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2 and so on)

While there are 9 for 2007-2009 - which is pretty much just Afghanistan

Local school children have left messages...


05 April 2010

Easter Monday in Sussex (Uppark and Pagham)

At least it is a CADBURY Kraft-bury egg!

Stones, Slipper limpets and Some waves are bigger than others - Pagham Beach

Peace and Quiet (and a bag of crisps - in fact I think it is mostly the crisps)

04 April 2010

01 April 2010

Poland and the Pedestrian Crossing

In Poland there are many pedestrian crossings.

These are normally placed at road junctions and blind corners and other places where it would normally not be safe for a pedestrian to attempt crossing the road.

The pedestrian crossings are marked with black and white stripes on the road.

What does this mean for car drivers?

It means that there are black and white stripes on the road.

Will cars stop for pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing?

Certainly - but only if the car breaks down while on the crossing

What is the recommended method for using a pedestrian crossing?

Walk about 50m further down the street - this will give you an extra 2.25 seconds of sight and reaction time (assuming typical speeds of "speed limit + 50% in towns and cities)

Will drivers slow down or attempt to miss pedestrians in the process of crossing a side road or entrance to a car park or garage?

Certainly in specially designated "urban living zones".

At all other times the driver has right of way - the driver will not slow down nor try to avoid the pedestrian (I have had this officially and three near misses in three days proves it)

Will colleagues turning into company car park slow down or give way to runners crossing the entrance to the car park?

Certainly not - though when you hit the back of their car as they sweep past you - then they will stop - but only to check for damage

What is the personal advice from the health and safety officer?

Do not run in Poland.  Certainly do not run near any road.  Do not walk to lunch - take you car like everybody else (it is 600m)

 A lucky escape!