30 January 2013

From Silver to Blue - once more just another pleb

From Silver to Blue - once more just another pleb
My Lufthansa Silver card expires and it is replaced with Blue - all my miles will start to evaporate - and when there is a queue an hour long for the bag drop - I will no longer have the option of using the business check-in, nor when there are delays and cancellations will I get automatically booked on the next flight.

And the embarrassment of presenting a blue card at check-in - hang my head in shame

It was nice while it lasted - and if I was still travelling 80 flights a year I would pay the €500 necessary to keep the card.

27 January 2013


For lunch today I intended to eat - one Aldi pizza - this is 940Kcal plus ~60Kcal for the mayonnaise that I will be adding and nothing for the bag of salad leaves.

I have been told (but don't believe) that pizza is "just empty calories" it is off to the gym @ work for 1000kcal of exercise

It took 58 minutes on the Cybex Arctrainer and the pizza was very nice

19 January 2013

(Snow) parkrunner of the month..

They awarded me (Cannon Hill) parkrunner of the month - for my solo effort last week I think...

I get a free pair of shoes from "The Sweatshop" - where my first orienteering suit and shoes came from back in ~1976.  That was in the days when Nokia did rubber boots and orienteering shoes.

I think I got the award because I was the only runner to record a time last week (the parkrun was abandoned because of ice - but I ran the course in my dobb spikes - recording a personal worst of 23:55
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner?
It's a poem, short story and film and song (warning - Iron Maiden)

There were lots folks the week before - when it was just snow on the ground:

This is the Cannon Hill parkrun main organiser - having a run for a change.
All photos are copyright: Ed Barlow - EdBarlow888 on Flickr


Here are my new Adidas shoes - courtesy of The SweatShop

Back in the 1970's the Sweatshop was run by Chris Brasher - and, for orienteering, there were agents around the country selling out of vans and front rooms - my first purchase from Malcom McIver (DEE/NWOA) would have been an orienteering suit and then probably some shoes - that was in the days when Nokia made rubber boots and orienteering gear

03 January 2013

London (again) with Miss Dunbar

"Bus driver: gurkha, pax on bus: gurkha, pax getting on bus: gurkha  bus inspector: gurkha.  Only two not-ghurka folks on the bus - me and  Ok so where am I?"

Here we are at Farnborough Station - where the Aldershot bus dropped us off - Qualcomm make my email client of choice: Eudora - fully portable - just copy the directory/folder, works in Linux and Windows and stores everything in plain text - great.

It is going to be another fun day in the capital spending Uncle David's money

Strangely quiet in central London...

From Oslo with thanks: Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Oops - I blame the sat nav.  "Look out for yellow bags - when we see ladies with yellow bags we are getting close to Selfridges...
Nice but no price "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it"
(Harrods: Lost deep in the Hello Kitty section with Anna, this feels like expensive... A decides kitty is so last year but a John Galliano top would do nicely, we will take the price tag off before mummy sees it...)
We checked - sadly the rule for school is black and only 50mm heels max - these will just have to wait.

Cheese and ham roll at Selfridges - Uncle David had something is Wasabi in it - a mistake.

Hyde Park - still not recovered from the Olympics.  The Cadbury Treat Hut was close to the little yellow sign.

Oh yes - I do approve

Anna decides that it will be Sushi for supper after all - trusty Nokia to the rescue

A couple of tube journeys were necessary

We did try the proper grown-up chops sticks - not a success

I love conveyor sushi bars - and this was a pretty good one.

Nearly home - We are Exhausted

01 January 2013

New Year @ Andersson's

Stunning fireworks but I think the ladies are after something else...

Erik or Chocolate?  Erik & Chocolate?