28 June 2008

The Lower Moor Tulip Tree was in flower - the best in 20 years. No flowers yet from the one on Bournville Green.

25 June 2008

Wroclaw, Poland

Above: Flowers are still an important part of courtship and social life
Below: A window full of Clarkson (in Polish!)

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21 June 2008

Radisson, Birmingham (Much nice than the AUEW office it replaced)
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16 June 2008

Nice atmosphere at the Dim T (http://www.dimt.co.uk/)

Yes - even Milton Keynes looks nice in the right light

14 June 2008

Plant Life on the Arans:

A Sundew

An "I do not know"

Some bean type things in a pond

View over the pond towards Pen-Yr-Aran

I saw my first Ring Ouzel, some grouse chicks, and hardly any walkers at all
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03 June 2008

Jaipur, Milton Keynes (http://www.jaipur.co.uk/)

"I thought you meant Native American restaurant"

Marcin G - Poppadom and Lime Pickle - First Attempt
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01 June 2008

ARDF @ Chawton Park (was more fun that packing away the tent)

Wasp beetle - Clytus arietis - Family: Cerambycidae

Gunea Pig rescue in Frimley

Kirstie takes to Mastermind
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