26 March 2011

Don't Look Now... Scotch Mist

Although it was sunny all day by the time I was ready for my run it was a bit dreich.  I am staying in Sutherland at the Riconich Hotel.  Any further North and it is Cape Wrath  (inside the impact area for the local bombing range).

 Not mist... but cold driving rain  - the hotel (centre left) was all lit up in the gloom - very welcoming.  It turns out I am the ONLY guest this evening.

 Looking NW along Loch Inchard  toward Kinlochbervie - where my very nice piece of haddock was landed this afternoon.

 I was stalked by sheep
I guess the only humans they meet are farmers-with-food. 

 I always carry a phone with me when running in wild places - my rescuers would not have to come far - the police station and ambulance service are just across the road from the hotel.

My evening meal started with one of the 65 whiskys stocked by the hotel
This is "the local" whisky - no water or ice in the glass and no water or ice offered - this is Scotland and I was informed "It does not say 'dilute with water' on the bottle"

Which went very nicely with the locally made haggis (OK the local butcher is 70 road miles away)

 Then the fresh haddock

All snug in front of the peat fire

and to close another whisky -

60% ABV - hence out of focus closing shot

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