24 May 2009

Radio Orienteering - Brown Clee = 5 Visits to Tx3

It was a very pretty location - but it was getting a bit tedious

(we think there is a duff cell in the battery pack and the Tx reset overnight)

8:00pm - putting the Tx out as the sun sets - over the wall is a memorial to the airmen who died in flying accidents on the Brown Clee Hills

SAAB 1 : SEAT 0 (Robert V took his sump out - my car just got a bit dirty)

Route to Tx3

TX3 nestling under the beeches

10 May 2009

A little trip to Swedish Day at the Haynes Motor Museum

I have put an offer in on this one (SAAB 99 Turbo)

Needs a bit of work - but at least it will fit in the garage...

09 May 2009

Back to Nottingham University for the British Elite Sprint Orienteering Champs...

This is M- block - where I lived, studied and suffered for a whole year

A control in the quad at Sherwood Hall - apart from the windows now being double glazed - not much has changed (at least on the exterior) - I guess it is all wired and networked now.

Tessa Hill (Harlequins) - Elite A Final (Starting)

Tessa Hill (Harlequins) - Elite A Final (Finishing)

08 May 2009

Above - Star Trek @ the IMAX - what a shiny bright future
Below - Star Trek 1996 - oops!

02 May 2009

A visit to "tick off" the Glyderau - above - the South side of the Snowdon Horseshoe (saved for next visit)

Tryfan - looking ominous - never seen it from this angle before - it has been 18 years since I was last here

Above: Glyder Fach - and the Cantilever - still there!

Below: "Another notable feature, west of the summit, is Castell Y Gwynt, (Castle of the Wind), a spiky rocky outcrop" - it was added to the Nuttals - so I had to climb it - 3 attempts - bottled the first two and then followed some proper (German) alpinistes to the 'summit'.

From Elidir Fach - not much of a peak - but what a view (I suppose it is obvious - mountains look more spectacular when you are not on them!)
Garden looking nice again...

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01 May 2009

A quiet scene from my evening commute home
Not bad for 4 miles from the centre of Birmingham
My commute is 1620 metres - all of it through Bournville
and some of it past woods like this.