26 April 2009

ARDF (Radio Orienteering) on Lickey Hills 26th April 2009

Preparation the night before (Bob's Tx are not as ergonomic
as would be ideal - lots of screws to undo!)

It is means to be a running, not a kneeling, sport

Running Repairs

Lots of multipath on 2m

24 April 2009

Another trip to the dog racing - this time to Perry Barr

Food was simple but nice and there was lots of it

I did not place any bets - my entertainment was watching everyone else

23 April 2009

Some days after our trip on the Severn Valley Railway

Mummy had radio 4 on in the kitchen and the news reader said "...David Cameron..."

Arthur (who is three) said "NO! It is David Williams..."


16 April 2009

A little trip on the Severn Valley Railway...

Looking out for the animals at the safari park

Gordon as in "of Khartoum" and not Gordon the Big Engine

12 April 2009

Strange "Jewel" plants at Coughton Court (National Trust)
Waxy leaves meant that the droplet of water was standing away
from the leaf surface and there was a 'cats-eye' internal reflection effect

Below - A Euphorbia? Above - not a Euphorbia

There was an Easter trail (Cadbury's Eco-Eggs) and a "duck race"

The events manager is the one in the waders
(staff said "the race was his idea so he can be the one to get wet")

Intercepting the stragglers

05 April 2009

back again - Mr Moss added another peak in the Carneddau - its not a Nuttall by about 1 metre - it is that tiny little knoll on the ridge in the centre of the photo - called Clogwyn Llech Lefn (SH709627). I find it hard to believe that is was 4 years since I was last here...
Blog entry - May 2005

This time no buzzing from buzzards - displaying (male) and fleeing (pair) red grouse, a peregrine and a pair of (probably) snipe.

View back the other way - can't quite see the car

On the very steep slope down from Bwlch Y Tri Marchog
(Pass of the Three Knights/Horsemen/Riders)
A lovely sheltered spot out if the cold wind -
time for a Chomp and a good look the view - happy days!

It was a bit of a steep descent
- my GPS said >100% for much of the way (I guess that is 1 in 1)

Earlier that morning I climbed Drum -
and in the summit cairn / shelter was a single stalk of broccoli
still shrink wrapped and looking supermarket fresh.
It seems to have been carefully placed
My camera was all fogged up so the picture is unconvincing.
I have a strong feeling that I have seen something exactly like this before -
only I can't remember which other mountain it was on.

Is it some form of perverse vegetable challenge?
A keeping test? A joke? Who knows?
Certainly it must take more calories than a given mass of
broccoli is worth to lug it 750 metres up a mountain.