27 October 2007

Matti & Bethan & David all went shopping in Merry Hill...

Where is Imelda Marcos when you need her?

The order could have come a little more quickly

In Frankie and Benny's

Boots: £15, Jumper: £10, Belt: £2

Primark will be the end of civilisation as we know it...

A huge jumper for £10 - how can they do that?
Folks will just buy stuff, use it once and throw it away
as this will be cheaper than dry-cleaning it...

25 October 2007

A little trip to Silkeborg...

The potato comes in its own little jar...

The Radisson in Silkeborg (it was formerly a paper mill),
restaurant Michael D.

Scallops and rhymed Halibut, Danish apples, cress
and caramelled Jerusalem artichoke,

followed by:

Outdoor Pig, puy lentil, heartsalad and sage


Nordic Cheeses (on a floor tile no less)

and finally:

Clara fris, white chocolate & viper's grasses, jelly and sprinkle of oats*

and like the rest of everything we saw in Denmark:
Relentlessly well designed and reassuringly expensive

Is nobody scruffy? Does nobody ever just "bodge it"?
What would happen is someone just said "I just can't be bothered today"

its the domestic terminal at CPH


* it makes more sense in Danish:


Kammuslinger og rimet helleflynder,

danske æbler, karse og brunede jordskokker.


Frillandsgris, puy linser, hjertesalat og salvie.


De nordiske oste.


Clara fris, hvid chokolade, skorzenerødder

gelé og havredrys.

10 October 2007

A 'mad'* italianate restaurant round the back of the Holiday Inn,
Wrocslaw - amazing 'fusion' menu - and, actually, the food was
really good

*look in the background

An old bunker on the way to the airport
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