27 July 2007

A short drive in Scandinavia...

My cabin on DFDS Newcastle-Haugesund via Bergen

By choice I would not travel with DFDS again - they have a monopoly on
this crossing and don't they know it!

Approaching Haugesund - tide was in -
we cleared the bridge by about 50cm
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18 July 2007

A fact finding trip to Novgorod...

Count the birch trees... it is a long journey from St Petersburg
and it avoids thinking about all the near misses (and failed misses)
you will see over the two hours...

Russian-Italian restaurant
- more expensive than in the UK

And this was a starter!

In the much nicer 'Kremlin' restaurant - a wee bowl of (chilled) soup

It's a Mercedes!

Novgorod Factory

On the St Petersburg-Moscow Highway ... Baba Yaga's house
on chicken legs -but note the legend is based on a bear-proof
food store design used in pre-history

10 July 2007

I wrote to my MP...

" Dear Dr Jones,
It's a BROWN tax not a GREEN tax...
Mr Brown has put up airport tax but not enough to make anyone think again about travelling by air
It will make no environmental difference at all
A proper green tax would have been one.... "

and the reply was:

From: "JONES, Lynne"
To: "David Williams"

Sorry not to have replied before.
I am inclined to agree.
I will ask Gordon Brown for a response and then get back to you.
House of Commons London


Sadly Dr Jones has been de-selected and replaced with someone more docile and inclined to toe the party line... I hope this was not a result asking my question!

07 July 2007

Welsh Walk 2007

Rhinog Fach - maybe it was a bit steep - we are all 10 years older!

King of the Mountain

Rhinog Fawr.. for the full blog see... Welshwalk2007

The Loneliest Teleffon Box...

Now we know why they take your car if you drive off-road

it's a glow worm site - Mr Glowworm only shines in July and August - and then only between about 10Pm and midnight - so we were very lucky to spot this...