24 August 2008

A family trip to Upton House - better than your average NT property
because they have restored it to as it would have been in the 1920s.
This was when it was a weekend 'party' house for the family that owned "Shell Oil"

The garden was very cleverly laid out - not visible from the main lawn

Nice Pot!

Surreal Poster - would any firm now want to claim "journalists use our product?"

20 August 2008

Please - can anyone identify this moth?

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK / Late August

Photos from my big trip from Bournville over to Poland and back...

Not many folks on the shuttle

Polish ARDF Championships - D19 winners (we don't have D19 in UK!)

Me at the start of 2M race (I came 4th)

The prizegiving

12 August 2008

More from my road trip to Poland

But Poland is getting 59 billion € to put this right


Nice hotel on the way back from Poland

Third place in the German ARDF Championships (H40)