30 March 2007

Another country another rather nice soup - the food in my Macedonian Hotel was

Read this sign out aloud "in the style of Stavros... hello, peeps!"

Lake Ohrid was nice

This just about sums up Macedonia - Poor but Proud
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29 March 2007

Heading for Prishtina... after much consulation with locals,
we determined that for an Albanian taxi with an Albanian
driver the correct route to take was the little back road to Pec

Welcome to Kossovo/Kossova - A nice piece of paper from the UN

On the Boulevard "Bill Klinton" you can have a Doner Kebap "Bill Klinton"
under the giant poster of a smiling "Bill Klinton"...
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28 March 2007

City Tour of Podgorica, Montenegro: "And here will be the parliament building"

Hotel "Cerberus" - you should see the guard dog!

27 March 2007

Dubrovnik (still raining, still very pretty though)

Mr Big's Mercades outside my hotel in DUbrovnick
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Welcome to Nevesinje

Not very welcoming at all, we drove from spring in Bosnia
over the mountain back into winter in Republika Serbska
We didn't stop long, car had the 'wrong licence plate',
curtains began to twitch and we both got twitchy
and went to Croatia instead.
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26 March 2007

A pre-lunch in a cold and wet and rainy Mostar...
The Balkans do very nice soups

Reconstructed bridge in Mostar

'Second-Lunches", still in, a by now even wetter and colder,
Mostar with Mustafa/Michael (Bosnia/Republika Serbska)

25 March 2007

Oh no! It's Martin Bell, and we are are both on the same plane to Sarajevo...
Suddenly I am less keen on my big balkan adventure.
If the man-in-the-white-suit is going I don't want to be.

At the mosque... lots of things you must not do!

Old town - spinach and 'feta' cheese pastries are good.

From my hotel window

Iconic TV transmitter tower (if you watched the war reports you will know what I mean

16 March 2007

Please Santa, I want this for Xmas!
(Ed Layfield, Outdoors Show, NEC)
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11 March 2007

Ephemeral pool at Habberley Valley and navelwort growing on the cliff footing...
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