04 June 2006

Twenty or so years ago - this was the route I took back to Bethesda - we started the 14 peaks at 04:30 but because of poor discipline and foul weather and poor visibility it was close to midnight before we started our descent. This was in the days before mobile phones - I wonder what our support crew were thinking? The third party that set out from the A5 to climb Pen-Yr-Olwen ended up spending the night in the refuge on Foel Grach.

Gyrn Wigau, Carneddau - lots of strangely silent and still seagulls here - big ones of at least two types. Perhaps they were quiet because they were hunting - I wonder what?

A view of Drosgl and Gyrn Wigau (left) from Bera Bach

Bera Bach (little haystack), Carneddau

Slone shelter on summit of "Llwytmor, Point NW" - SH680699. I wonder if this was used as some sort of lookout - it has a great view over the sea - and is probably the closest such point to settlements on the coast. I could see mountains on the horizon - in the direction of The Isle of Man - 75 miles away.

Unfortunately as really is the first bit of high ground up from the sea it was the site of an air crash. Descending towords Bera Mawr I cam across some aircraft wrekage - it was a Blackburn Botha - from 1943. You can read about it here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/howard.martin/William_Frearson.html

Yr Aryg, Carneddau

Carnedd Dafydd - Welsh 1000's Race

Foel Meirch - Number 30 (Carneddau) on the Moss List