30 September 2007

22 September 2007

Kirstie and Anna

At the (always freezing cold) swings - after "feeding the ducks" -
in Frimley

At Alice Holt

16 September 2007

09 September 2007

A weekend in the Faroes...

I was divebombed by a (Great?) Skua - just like John Noakes
when he went to Iceland for Blue Peter in 1971

How come I remember this some 36 years later?

It is a stunning place...

Click here to see some one elses better photo

and of course, having been occupied by the British in WWII
they just love Cadbury Dairy Milk:

I even went orienteering - from the village of Gjógv,
(one of the 'controls' was misplaced), the village website says:

"The trip also takes you to the refreshing water spring at Háls - a favoured resting place for the local shepherds. You look down on Ambadal, a beautiful valley all covered in grass except for a single stone, Festirsteinur/Festarsteinur, which, of course, also has its own story..."

Unfortunately I can only find the story in Faeroese.
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