28 February 2010

New car is christened...

They needed a volunteer to take the start kit to the start. 




 Dymock Wood - very muddy, very, very, muddy - excellent!

25 February 2010

Where is Brian Cant when you need him?

This is my new work uniform - just until the factory is finished and then I guess we go into hygienic whites.

All the fitters and sparks are kitted out the same
I understand this is the norm here in Poland - but I don't feel comfortable dressed like an escapee presenter from "Play School". 

19 February 2010

Sushi in Wroclaw - Not Many Blue-Fin in the Baltic I suppose

There are at least 4 Sushi bars in Wroclaw - and none of them cheap - a cup of tea, soup and tempura averages £15 - so much for "low cost economy"  - you will note that I have not actually had any Sushi - Wroclaw is 400km from the sea - and there aren't many blue-fin tuna in the Baltic.

On my first trip to Poland (1993) it was very different - the best restaurant in the town (according to Lonely Planet) specialised in "Flounder".  Well it turns out all they had was one fish - that they said could be split three ways between us - and being still a government run establishment they were not that keen on doing even that and would much prefer if we would stop bothering them and go and eat somewhere else - we persevered - it was quite a nice bit of fish.

Reports and personal experience suggest that Sakana is the best (and most expensive) place to eat sushi in Wroclaw

05 February 2010

I got the veteran stick - at last!

Being presented with the Veteran Men Trophy by the World M60 orienteering champion (Andy Hemsted)

There are some illustrious names on the plate - TJ and Colin Spears. I remember Colin being presented with the "stick" - 24 years ago now - then we only had "open" and "veteran" - as the sport has aged new categories Super Vet and Master have been added.

The other trophy is the Summer Evening Event "Galloppen" - previously in my possession in 1996 and 2005

02 February 2010


I came home to run the "Northen Champs" - not a very navigationally challenging area - but certainly physical - with moss covered boulderfields and tussock grass moorland - and I survived it all until 1000m from the finish...


So that is a month without orienteering and then six months of taping and strapping