25 November 2004

Tony Spencer and the Little Leak.. full transcript available on request

Big golf day out - don't worry the geese on the fairway are in no danger at all

24 November 2004

A Storyteller in Marrakesh (Djemâa el Fna)
I travelled with Pettitts - visit their site and order a brochure - a work of art. I like Pettitts because wheh I asked "which day does the tour start" and the reply was "which day would you like it to start?"

Morning on the dunes 1 - Merzouga, Morocco

Morning on the dunes 2 - mouse tracks

Morning on the Dunes 3

View from my bedroom window - Skoura, Morocco

17th Century Kasbah - when the staff go home, the power goes off, and you get the the whole castle to yourself... spooky!

View from riad rooftop, Fez

Breakfast in Fez

Morocco - View from my bedroom door - Fez