30 December 2009

Another year - another trip to Wagamama

Superdry Coat - too fashionable to take off...

until it got too hot

Still not sure about the green bits

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29 December 2009

Gibraltar (Accidents of History Tour 1989-2009)

Marbella - in the winter

First view of the Rock (we were diverted to Malaga)

I ran (nearly) all the way up - 32 minutes from sea to summit at O'Hara's Battery

The peninsula is FULL of unsold Toyotas - all white, all about 6 months old - very sad.

My hotel - the Eliot

Cadbury Delivery man - we had a little chat

12:30 - 22 degrees, sunny T-shirt weather...

20:30 - 0 degrees and snow!

The album is here

19 December 2009

It was a fix!

Once more to the Harlequins Club Champs - and as usual there was the raffle in aid of the air ambulance...

and for the fifth or sixth year running - I got the Russ's Walnut and Onion Xmas Bread - this year my ticket was the first drawn - to cries of "fix!"

The disclaimer says:

Contains NUTS
Produced in non-certified premises
Nuts foraged locally :- may contain harmful fungi, bacteria and virus
Producer does not have a food hygiene certificate

(It was very nice - toasted with some crumbly Lancashire cheese and a bit of Branston)

11 December 2009

Bye-Bye Old Car - Hello New

 They put my SAAB 93 in the pound with all the "scrappage scheme" cars and then they wheeled out this...

22 November 2009

Kirstie's Birthday Party Weekend

Kirstie discovering that it is far too wet to ride the swings - our shortest ever visit to "The coldest spot in Western Europe" - the playground next to Siemens on Portsmouth Road, Frimley

Anna is working towards her Brownie Home Skills badge

A proper breakfast!

Kirstie's party

30 October 2009

Bournville - Autumn

A heron waiting by the brook - we do get trout but only when the Frankley Reservoir over-tops - so far in the factory grounds I have seen - Kingfishers, Herons, Grebes, Greylag Goose, Buzzards, Sparrowhawk and what appeared to be a common tern - and all within 3 miles of the centre of Birmingham

Birdcage Walk, Cadbury Factory

It was sold to me as a Polish issue military parka - but I don't think so!

24 October 2009

11 October 2009

Chester City Race

As I ran past the control (above) the delicious smell of pasties wafted up from the street below...

This is where Kevin and I used to eat our Cousins Pasties (1976 to 1980)
Sadly Cousins are no more - but there is a pasty shop opposite - a choice of 15 different types of pasty - compared with the '70s - choice being hot or cold

Where did all the trendy restaurants and posh fast food shops come from? - In 100m I counted 20 places to eat - ranging from sushi through smoothies to a Brazilian Churrascaria. All we had was Quaintways and the...

where I think Joce had a part time job

10 October 2009

An Iranian shop has opened in Selly Oak - sadly I can't see how it can survive - there just won't be enough footfall
The owner is putting in a lot of effort - and he seemed really pleased that an "English" was showing interest in Persian/Iranian culture and products.

The little dried figs came with a story - they are grown in desert areas - where it might rain only two or three times a year. Following a good rain storm the figs flower and set fruit - the farmer then waits until the desert wind and sun dessicate the plant and then shakes the tree - catching the figs on blankets as they fall to the ground. Very scrummy and flavoursome - I will buy more.

I can also recommend lavash bread, saffron candy sticks (for tea) and lemon & salt coated pistachio nuts.

27 September 2009

On the way back from Cambridge My GPS said "A14 closed" - so I stopped off at the "Kettering Vintage Rally and Steam Fayre". A very good event - excellent parking - no queues in or out - parking marshals were highly motivated scouts and plenty of them.

These are "Field Marshalls" - when idling they bounce on the suspension like a some great green car waiting to pounce - and you start them with saltpeter paper and a shotgun cartridge.

A Jag!

Not a Jag

A rather nice Swedish lady brings her collection of board games along to steam fairs - just because she loves seeing the reaction and making people happy "Oh yes, we had that game!" [Sadly no one would play 4000AD with me - I had worked out a killer pincer tactic - result - short game - which I would invariably win]

There is an ERF club - drivers loved these British made trucks so much - that they buy them up, restore them and the drive them to fairs at the weekend! This one is done up as a weekend camper - with a caravan on the trailer.