25 July 2005

This is Manod Mawr - Number 17 on the Moss List. Someone stole the trig point - there is just the little metal disc on the concrete base.

I also found No 18 - but it is not really a peak - just a ring contour.

It is vitally important to STAY ON THE PATH

The quarry route between Manod Mawr - North Top and Manod Mawr

This a Manod Mawr, North Top. Number 16 on the Moss List

18 July 2005

Fairford 2005

Yes - this really is Lance Corporal Jones' Butcher's Van - "open two three, out two three, bang two three, bang two three, bang two three, in two three..."

B1B - leaving Fairford - and setting off the alarms of at least half the cars in the end of runway carpark!

C5 Galaxy - telling the story of Operation Babylift

Drysgol - Aran number 26 on the Moss list

Gwaun Lydan - number 27 on the Moss List

Pen yr Allt Uchaf
Aran number 28 on the Moss List

And this is what we were looking for...

Weed around the propeller

Number 1 is that way...

20th Otterjacht - combined NL/GB team - Admirals Nelson and Van Tromp

The official carpark was full - so I put my little Astra round the back - this is what the tradesmens' entrance looks like

Hotel Eden in Zutphen, NL - Very very nice - it was formerly an orphanage and they did me a very nice Hobson's choice supper - even though the kitchen was officially closed (One off large G&T, 1 tournedos of Beef, Asparagus & Shitake, Spuds, home made crisps and a very nice gravy) - all done in 10 minutes with excellent service - stongly recommend