16 June 2007

The Fanatics Party @ RSTechEd 2007 in Orlando

I could see and hear Universal Studios from my hotel room -
but I only got out for 2 hours in the whole week - and that
was to visit a bread factory.

Problems leaving the US - I have no idea what was going on
be there was a lot of shouting and gesticulating for about 10

The Hudson river palisades...
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Cape Cod - Pilgrims Landing...

This of course if the history as written by the US Government
Parks service:

First Discoverie: They wandered around, found a spring and saw signs of 'natives'
Second Discoverie: They came across a 'hastily deserted village where they obtained stores of corn, grain and beans*', "obtained" is an interesting word - what they really did was loot the natives winter food stores. Which led to the...
Third Discoverie: "hostile encounter with Indians. Arrows and musket balls were exchanged" - well, yes! - because the Indians are now going to starve over the winter and are more than a little miffed with the Pilgrims - who sort of set to pattern for the next two hundred years

*wikipedia says that without these stores and seed corn the Pilgrims would not have survived and that they paid the Indians back some months later. hmmm....

Cape Cod...



The Lobster Barn

My car - as I asked for GPS and they did not have the model
I paid for I got upgraded to a Toyota Avalon (nice!)
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Cranberry farmer (and shy dog) - Cape Code, Mass.
Was very surprised to meet an Englishman who knew the ins-and-outs of cranberry culture (unfortunately mine are dieing)
Interesting that sand is getting so expensive that farmers are trying to do without and see what happens to the yields.
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Dad and daughter out biking (mum is driving the van) in Vermont
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04 June 2007

First trip to Skarbimierz...

The 06:50 to Munich (At least we are going business class)

The realisation slowly sinks in.

Welcome to your new home

The boys are going home - hooray!
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