30 November 2005

17 November 2005

Only in America

250 delegates forego lunch to attend "Physics for Motion Control" - ALL the slides were JUST equations - ACE! Posted by Picasa

View from room 1638

The convention centre where I did my presentation (twice (with a cold (and a headache))) Posted by Picasa

Renaissance Grand Saint Louis - Room Service

Renaissance Grand Saint Louis - a really very very nice hotel - efficient and friendly and knowledgable - and the Chicken Soup had at least 6oz of shredded meat in it. If you have to suffer a bad cold - then this is a good place to be Posted by Picasa

14 November 2005

Trip to Automation Fair, St Louis

I don't think that I'll be flying AA for a while - flight part technically very efficient - on time and so on BUT international travel was unpleasant experience and cabin staff entirely not together - for example - lost track of time and were still serving food when we started descent and racing up and down aisle with carts collecting empties - after seatbelt sign came on and we were on final approach... and none of the staff at ORD would lend me a pen to fill in my departure card! So few staff at checkin I had to wait over an hour - even though I was hand luggage only and it took just seconds to process me - fume!Posted by Picasa

13 November 2005

First ever British Radio Orienteering Championships (IARU style ARDF) - I won!