11 February 2011

Return to Albert Hall (after 17 years)

The last time I went to to a show at the Albert Hall it was for the Star Trek "Generations" Convention in 1994, this time it was Erik's Xmas present to the Family: Circue Du Soleil - Erik and Joce saw an early show at Disneyland back in  the 1980's.

By planning ahead I got my Birmingham Moor Street to London Marylebone rail ticket for £5 and then walked to The Albert Hall (Transport for London website showed it was going to be faster). 

Down the Edgeware Road - a little bit of the Middle East in West London - cars driving up and down, horns blowing, Egyptian flags waving - it was the day Mubarak stood down, then across a very dark but still safe Hyde Park (where cyclists stop for pedestrians to cross the cycleway - oh how I don't miss that aspect of Poland) to South Kensington.

A very nice (and swiftly served) meal at the theatre - but what prices - I am seriously out of date - the dessert was about £7.50 and gone in two mouthfuls

You are NOT allowed to take pictures during the performance - not least to avoid any flash distracting the performers - so I snuck one before it all started:

If you have never seen a C-du-S performance - go see one - it was great.

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