06 February 2011

Excellent Present

Yes, I know, I am nearly 50 and an Uncle...

A short visit to Blakedown to exchange (very late) Xmas presents with my lovely cousins...

Three pairs of black socks, one bottle of Sanatogen* and Paul Smith "Extreme"  Eau de Toilette for men


Currently I am wearing 33% of the socks and a short squirt of the perfume and trying to decide whether you are meant to gargle with or quaff the tonic wine (I am getting a hint of cherry cough syrup crossed with TCP)

*For those not of Anglic extraction, this is a beverage associated in jest and in reality with the "over 60's" - Grandma's Tipple - unlike Buckfast Tonic Wine which is linked with Scottish Youth at the other end of the age spectrum (see also Rab C Nesbitt)

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