06 February 2011

Breakneck Bank

Two days in the woods organising ARDF  5 Tx on 2m and 5 on 80m.   There are lots of steep slopes and narrow stream valleys - one competitor took over 12km to complete the 5 2m Tx - straight line - about 4.5km

"2. The serious 'trap' was the brilliant placing of 2m TX 4. All but one of the competitors opted to go for TXs 1 and/or 5 first along the southern boundary of the area. The position of TX4 made it sound much further away as one turned northwards to locate TXs 2, 3 and 4. As a result a number of high profile competitors ran straight past it and had to trail back later to find it."

All I did was replicate a Tx placement that did for me in Serbia! 

I have been orienteering here for over 30 years - spent a spring/summer mapping in 1989 - you do need permission to visit this wood as there is a lot of shooting going on - it is my favourite.

This "yew and platform" combination is associated with charcoal production - There are many yew trees all through the Wyre Forest - timber was stacked under the yew to dry.  I am not sure if the platforms were constructed and then the tree planted - or whether the platform was earthworked next to a pre-existing tree.

Mr Terry Foxton does not like platforms - he will never put them on a map - and he described (in his map assessment) my interpretation of the contours at Breakneck Bank as "two dimensional" - grrrr - after 20 years that comment still grates.

What do you think made this?

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