24 January 2010

Racławice Panorama - what a surprise - Avatar for the 1890's

I went to see the Racławice Panorama - it is in a big circular building opposite the Radisson Hotel in Wroclaw - really very well worth seeing.

If you are going to visit - don't follow the link (above) until you have made your visit - and don't look at the shop on your left as you enter the ticket hall.

Totally not what I was expecting...

Which was either a) some form of "Socialist Realism Soviet Style" propaganda, all sweating workers and earnest daughters of the motherland with 6 children and a job making tractors or b) a long long strip of earnest but dull medieval tapestry

So I don't spoil the surprise the picture above is an artists impression (artists are 8 years old) - the actual panorama has fewer happy black and white cows and absolutely no blonde ponies.

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