23 January 2010

A Chilly Weekend in Wrocław

This is the Art Hotel - very swish - Engineers only please!

Rynek - the cultural and literal centre of the city

Normally I go running along the towpath - but at -16C not a good idea

River is nearly frozen

My first visit to Poland in 2010 - They took my company final salary pension away
My second visit to Poland in 2010 - They took my company away*
My third visit to Poland in 2010 - Not looking forward to this one at all!

*Thank you to everyone who has expressed support and offered sympathy but it was not necessary as I now understand that Kraft buying Cadbury was the best thing that could happen to us,  Kraft directorate will effectively leverage their skillbase through the synergistic integration of the partner entities and I am convinced that the combined company will be successful in striving for enhanced profitability going forward.

Seriously - perhaps the Cadbry Culture can really make a good change to Kraft - cross fingers and hope!

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