18 April 2015

16 hours in London - More fun than a week in Athens

This is just for me - to help me remember and relive a day drip to London - which was SO MUCH BETTER than a week in Athens.  I feel a bit sorry for the Greeks - but only a bit.

If you leave at 06:22 - first train from Selly Oak you can be in London for 08:17 and at a cost of £11.  Bargain

Both trains were on time (service at Campden Food Company - incompetent - back to Costa for me in future).  Sat next to a nurse, from Sri Lanka, studying cardiology...
If things go to plan - I can be at Finsbury Park in time for parkrun
...and I made it with plenty of time to spare.  Note: the loos are still locked at 09:00 and there are 4 uphill sections - 21:01- phew!

That is an Anderson shelter - at Blighty Coffee - solely on the recommendation of the Fry Up Inspector (http://fryupsgoodornot.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/blighty-coffee-finsbury-park-london.html)

I was not disappointed... This is the (almost) Full Winston - no bloody mary in a tin mug for me - the liquor license does not come into effect until PM.

I'm not going to need to eat again until tomorrow
Blight Coffee - very nice, recommended but arrive early - it gets busy.

This is in Hampstead Heath - the joy of having an oyster mode for your debit card is you can just take trains and buses with no fuss and not worry about the cost - as, once you hit the travel card equivalent - the charge is capped.

This is the London County Summit... a bit level for a top but it was worth it for the views and to find out just how nice Hampstead is (I must have breakfast here some day)

Yes really - I am 10 minutes tube from central London

According to my GPS this is the summit

More nice houses in Hampstead Heath - fearful how much they are worth
Next - to visit the "country town of Middlesex" - well there never really was one - but at least one "County Hall" was in Clerkenwell

and here is the Middlesex Sessions House - currently looking a wee bit under used.

Walk through Smithfield Market

To the Old Bailey - which, at times, also functioned as a court for Middlesex

It is now the "Central Criminal Court" - you don't want to end up here.

I thought this was at Augusta National
St Pauls - that bloke is dressed exactly like me - even down to the red rucsac

Nearly there - this is Middlesex Guildhall - it now houses the Supreme Court (supreme in name only as we have that one over in the Hague to worry about)

Shaun Das Schaf nearly makes it to Horse-guards Parade

New Zealand House - its nearly time for the 100 years memorial for Gallipoli

At the Lyric pub -in Soho - I used their loo - so I thought I had better buy a pint - £6 but worth it - brewed a couple of miles away- by the Kernel - this is Export India Porter - 5.8%

...Crimea - still a troubled place 159 years later - somewhere I really wanted to visit but thanks to Mr P that won't be on the cards for many years.

@ the Haymarket to see...


Strange I know Lipman and Drefus but one of the supporting cast seemed familiar...  it was Ingrid Oliver aka Osgood from Doctor Who.  I most certainly did not spot "Jack Hawkins as Lyman Sanderson" - but then THE Jack Hawkins has been dead for 42 years...

And finally - a very peaceful (there was no traffic at all) walk to Brentford - the last place on my list of "Middlesex County Towns"

Bang Bang is one station short of Euston - and a favourite stopping place of mine
Great food and a food welcome - gets 3.5 on Tripadvisor

Even if it seems that the only actual Vietnamese on the premises is the Greeter/Maitre-D  I had the Com Thit Kho - scrummy

22:53:56 ...safely back at Selly Oak

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