15 July 2009

"Gulasz Angielski"

So this little green can is imported all the way from Poland to Sainsbury in Selly Oak so Polish settlers can enjoy their genuine comfort food "English Goulash" in England and have it remind them of home (Poland) - am I the only one that finds this a bit surreal?

Mispol say "English stew made of top quality pork and beef. The addition of natural spices gives it the flavour of a traditional Polish meat. It best tastes with white and dark bread and toasts. It is a must on a camping holiday, camp fires or country treats."

So this is a Polish made supposed English style stew that has been flavoured to taste like a Polish meat dish - from the ingredients and the little picture on the side of the can (below) - it is a spam-analogue - which is, of course, nothing at all like stew.

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